DCJS Lic# 11-8899
Nothing on this site is given nor should be taken as Legal Advice, "Cook and Sons Private Investigations" always recommend that you attain legal advice from an Attorney. They can inform you as to what you need, "Cook and Sons Private Investigations" will help you get what you need. in Virginia, you need to show "Inclination and Opportunity".
"Inclination" is defined when two people are observed holding hands, kissing, or showing some type of affection beyond casual friendship. "Opportunity" is defined when a subject and a co-subject are observed entering a motel, hotel, apartment, residence,
or just about any place that adultery could be committed, And enough time has elapsed to commit the act.You can't have the Inclination without the opportunity nor the Opportunity without the Inclination, you have to show both, that they had the Inclination and the Opportunity to cheat. If an affair is going on "Cook and Sons Private Investigations" provides clients with detailed documentation such as Written Reports, Surveillance Videos, and Photos, of the cheating spouse or cheating partner.
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Signs of Possible Cheating Loss of an interest in sex. An unusual number of hang-ups or wrong number calls. The passenger seat of your car is not in it's usual position. Unexplained, repetitive charges on mobile phone bill. Stray hairs, that aren't yours, on his/her clothing. The scent of his/her clothing is different or smells like a different perfume/ cologne, massage oil residue, or sex. Makeup stains on clothing, bite marks, scratches on back region. Recently purchased an additional pager or cell phone. They turn of their phone or leave the room to make and take calls. Uses computer alone and secretly with a demand for privacy. Excessive buying of new and different clothes. Unexplained receipts in wallet, glove compartment or office desk. Unaccounted for time away from home.
The good news is that, some or all of these, in of and by themselves, do not mean that your love one is being unfaithful. However, if you think that they are, We can find the information to put your mind at ease. Not knowing, one way or the other, can place undo Stress on a Relationship. One of our experienced Investigators will be happy to speak with you to determine what you may know, and/or what you want to know. We will be glad to speak with your Attorney if you have one and work with them, to help you get the evidence you need to put your mind at ease. To your left is one plan of action that we use on most all Domestic issuses. It has proven to be Cost Effective, very informative
and when shown to the Subject....
* Do you want to know what goes on at your house if you are away for a couple of days?
* Do you want to know what goes on at the computer while you are asleep?
* Do you want to know if he/she is really at the book store?
* Do you want to read his/her text messages, that they thought they deleted?
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