"I need to find out if my Partner is Cheating"
DCJS Lic# 11-8899
1. Should I confont my partner with what I know?
Answer. No! I know that it's hard to bite your tongue, you have every right to know and you may expect to get an honest answer, but why not get all the facts first? Confronting your spouse with your suspicions is likely to get him or her very angry that you distrust them. They will just change their behavioral pattern, making it harder for you to get the information that you need.
2. I know who He/She is seeing. Why can't I follow them and get proof?
Answer. NEVER Confront the lover, the lover can accuse you of wrongdoings, such as stalking, assault etc. and all you have done is damage your case. This actually happen recently. A wife followed and confronted her Husband and a lady in a restaurant parking lot. The husband claimed it was a business meeting and the lady got a restraining order against the wife. It was later proved that he was having an affair with the lady in question, but they became more careful and it took longer to catch them. Think of it this way, you can be charged with stalking, a Private Investigator is paid to stalk.
3. Why do you charge less then most other Agencies?
Answer. Approx. 80% of our cases involve Divorce/Custody/Domestic issues. We know that this can be very taxing on your emotions, we keep our rates reasonable so it doesn't have to be a financial burden also.
4. When someone thinks their partner is cheating and hires you, how often are they correct in their feelings.
Answer. Unfortunately 80% of the time, if you think they are cheating...They are!
However, we get More Enjoyment in telling a Client that their partner is not Cheating.
We followed a wife around for two weeks because her husband thought she was seeing someone. We were happy to report that she was spending all her time....
Shopping...not cheating!
5. Will I need a Lawyer?
Answer. It depends on where you want to go with the information that we provide. You may want to speak to someone, Your Church or place of employment may have someone that you can talk to.
Remember striking out from revenge or anger may be your first reaction...but it is not the best action.
Protecting your Marrige, your Children, your Assets or your life style may influence what you do.
Get the information you need, then decide the best course of action for your situation. If you already have an attorney or decide you need one Cook Investigations will work with your attorney to assist you with your case.
At Cook Investigations, we provide the client with information to find out the truth, Most clients already know a lot of information when they contact the office. The problem is that they may not be able to prove that they have a cheating spouse or cheating partner themselves. Leave it to the professionals to ascertain that information.

When you call Cook Investigations, you will be directed to a Associate, who will ask you a few question about your cheating spouse or cheating partner. Working in partnership with you (the Client), we will then advise you of when we think the best time to follow your spouse or partner and then schedule the surveillance.

Many times the client is well informed of a subject's behavior and that will assists us with the investigation.
Provide ongoing information but we will take the lead in the investigation, understand you are too emotionally involved and not trained for this sort of thing. We will know, based upon the investigation and our experenice, what strategy to use, the best time to conduct the surveillance, etc.

If you want a Professional Private Investigator who is going to personally oversee your case from start to finish, someone who is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable about legalities in Virginia. Cook Investigations is going to personally invest time with you and give you an overall service that is within your budget and targets your specific needs.

In Virginia, you need to show "Inclination and Opportunity" "Here in Virginia
The term "Inclination" is defined when two people are observed holding hands, kissing, or showing some type of affection beyond casual friendship.

The term Opportunity is defined when the subject and co-subject are observed entering a motel, hotel, apartment, residence, and even a vehicle, or just about anywhere that adultery can be committed.

Cook Investigations provides clients with detailed documentation such as Written Reports, Surveillance Videos, and Photos, of the cheating spouse or cheating partner.
If you are in need of a Discrete, Confidential and Professional Investigator, please contact us today. Call Us Today For a Confidential Consultation We handle cases for Private Entities, as well as Insurance Companies and Civil Defense Law firms.

Our expertise includes Civil/Criminal Investigation, Fraud Investigation, Surveillance,
Background and General Investigation.
Think your spouse is cheating?
Worried about who you are leaving your children with?
Going though a Divorce?
Let us gather the Evidence you need to put your mind at ease.
Is that new Boy Friend or Girl Friend all they claim to be?
Is that new Employee as good as he claims?
Thinking about starting a new Business with someone?
Check them out before it may be to late?
Cook Investigations, is certified in Computer Information Technology.
Image we use the latest technology
to gather the evidence you need.
We are able to testify in all
Civil, State and Federal Trials.
We offer video Surveillance in DVD, CD, or VHS at no extra charge,
along with a detailed written report.
Real Time GPS...
For tracking your vehicle