DCJS Lic# 11-8899
Cook Investigations uses Two (2) different types of GPS Systems
1. Passive GPS...Where the vehicle Has Been
is a small, pocket sized GPS tracking device that receives signals from the twenty-four Department of Defense satellites orbiting the earth. This unit is placed in a concealed area on or under the vehicle, once removed we can accurately determine where a vehicle has been, how fast they drove, where they stopped and for how long. This unit is perfect if you want to know where your Spouse or Children have been.
Every parent is concerned about their children driving habits when they are not in the vehicle with them.
And most parents know what they did when their parents were not around.
Unsure of what your employees are doing with your company car? Want to keep an eye on valuable merchandise? Suspect your significant other of infidelity? Concerned about a teenage driver?
Want to know where your vehicle went?
Think of it as a video recorder developed specifically to monitor and document a vehicle's traveled activities.
$35.00 a day, three(3) day minimum
$175.00 a WEEK,
2. Real Time GPS...Where the vehicle is at NOW!
Use this sophisticated Car Tracking System to keep track of your teenager's or Spouse's whereabouts when they're out with your car. ImageOnce this unit is placed in a concealed area on the vehcile, we can accurately determine where the vehicle is at in real time.
An Investigator can then travel to that location to ascertain what kind of activity is going on and get video if necessary.
$75.00 a day, three(3) day minimum Rental
$450.00 a week, (7 days)
$750.00 (15 days)
We can give you the Web Site so you can SEE Satillite maps of where the vehicle is at.
You can then call us to check out the location OR
we can monitor it for you