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When you call "Cook and Sons Private Investigations", you will be directed to an Associate, who will ask you a few questions about your Investigation needs. We are a full service Licensed and insured Virginia Private Investigation Agency. We live in Virginia and we work all of Virginia. Yes we even know where Bumpass, VA. is ;-). We do not advertise in other States, charge a higher price then find someone with a lower price in that state do the work. If you hire us... you get us, Please check out our Staff, a dedicated team of experienced Investigators. With various expertise and backgrounds. Some LE, some Computer Geek's, Lots of Video Surveillance expertise and the right equipment to get the job done. We do not farm our work out. In Fact we even Post our Rates. We can accept all Major Credit Cards via PayPal.
Call (804) 746-1621 or sumit the on-line request. We offer Professional, Personalized Services a Reasonable Rate. No Case is to large or to small. We handle Domestic, Child Custody, Missing persons, Pre- employment, Criminal and background searches, We can sweep your home, office, and vehicle for bugs and hidden cameras. Check your vehicles for GPS and recording devices. We can pull up deleted Text messages ( 80% ) of most phones. Monitor your Computer for chat rooms, and Porn Sites. We will try to work with you, one on one, so that the person you speak to, knows you and your case. Working in partnership with you (the Client). They will arrived at some options for the best way to help you get the evidence you need to put your mind at ease.
and all points in between.
We handle cases for Individuals,as well as Insurance Companies and Civil Defense Law firms.
Our expertise includes civil/criminal investigation, fraud investigation, VIDEO SURVEILLANCE, Background/pre-employment checks and general investigations.
Nothing on this site is given nor should be taken as Legal Advice, "Cook and Sons Private Investigations" always recommend that you attain legal advice from an Attorney. They can inform you as to what you need, "Cook and Sons Private Investigations" will help you get what you need.
DCJS Lic# 11-8899